Abe Perez is the drummer and percussionist of the American Alternative Rock band Glasspirits with singer Joanna Jose Glass. He endorses Spaun Drums and Scymtek Cymbals and was also in the popular band Yankee Rose.

Abe Perez with Fred Beato, Cuba, Castro, Dave Pack of Ambrosia, Weight Loss, Beato Drum Bags, BJs & Dementia


The following is a conversation with Fred Beato, a Cuban-American musician, drummer and owner of the drum bag company Beato Bags. Fred talks about his Cuban heritage, collaborating with his childhood friend Dave Pack of Ambrosia and the importance of making high-quality products for his company, Beato Bags. Afterwards, we'll have our aftershow.





00:00 Who is on this episode? Fred Beato

00:21 What Pepe and Ybra is all about

0048 Current Schedule

1:07 Season 1 Theme: Voyager

1:21 CW: Children separated from parents

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2:24 Countdown to talk ("Something Unspoken" Theme)

2:40 Fred Beato: Fidel Castro, Communism, Operation Peter Pan, Dave Pack of Ambrosia and Symbols of Tyme

11:40 National Battle of the Bands, Bobby Kennedy, Beato Band,  

19:03 Massive weight loss, Glasspirits flag combining Cuban and Filipino elements, Importance of social media to 'make it', New Blues Revolution=

28:03 Ringo Starr, the Renaissance of Rock n Roll, the Motels, Soundgarden, recording vs. live performance, Freddy Boy

37:15 Beato Bags, custom drum bags, 

48:55 Surprise Segment

51:09 Aftershow: BJs & Dementia

1:04:05 Outro: what's next, support our podcast, theme music


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