Abe Perez is the drummer and percussionist of the American Alternative Rock band Glasspirits with singer Joanna Jose Glass. He endorses Spaun Drums and Scymtek Cymbals and was also in the popular band Yankee Rose.

Glasspirits Concert Rehearsal with Guest Musicians Donny Simmons and Jeremy Masana of Stormer for Live Show at Shamrocks in Chino Hills October 13, 2018

For more information on Donny Simmons you can read about him on his Wikipedia page:

  • Donny Simmons is an American guitarist. He is mostly known for being the guitarist of both bands Stormer and Yankee Rose, bands that were popular in Los Angeles, sharing the stage with Ratt, Quiet Riot, Mötley Crüe, Metallica and Van Halen.[1][2][3] Simmons has also been cited as a major influence to Tracy G,[4] the guitarist from Dio. Recently, he has been interviewed for Greg Renoff's popular book, Van Halen Rising.[4]
Abe Perez and Donny Simmons

Jeremy Masana

Jeremy Masana (left) Abe Perez (right)