Abe Perez is the drummer and percussionist of the American Alternative Rock band Glasspirits with singer Joanna Jose Glass. He endorses Spaun Drums and Scymtek Cymbals and was also in the popular band Yankee Rose.

LYRICS - Deified by Joanna Glass

Music & Lyrics by Joanna Glass
© 2008 BMI Gloucester Entertainment

[VERSE 1]:
I love your big blue eyes
They freeze me up inside
But that's ok 'cuz I'm warmed from your
Gorgeous smile

I feel more of your heat
When you keep up that beat
I'd run away but I can't because
I'm paralized
There's no one to confide in

I'd die to be the one wrapped in your arms
Don't know if you'd know,
I know.... but should you know?

[VERSE 2]:
You always look so good
And if only I could
I'd try to kiss you here and there
And Everywhere

I know we're only friends
But these thoughts won't end
I can't distract myself because there's
No one else.
Just makes me want to cry

[repeat Chorus]

I'd die to be the one, oh, I'd die to be the one
Wrapped in your arms

I'd die to be the one, yes, I'd die to be the one
Wrapped in your arms

I can't deny you
And I can't contain myself
I blindly believe
That you'll be with me

I have deified you
And if I can change myself
I'll believe
You'll be with me

I know... but should you know?
I know and you now know.

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