Abe Perez is the drummer and percussionist of the American Alternative Rock band Glasspirits with singer Joanna Jose Glass. He endorses Spaun Drums and Scymtek Cymbals and was also in the popular band Yankee Rose.

LYRICS - Secret of Mania by Joanna Glass

Secret of Mania
Music & Lyrics by Joanna Glass
© 2008 BMI Gloucester Entertainment

[VERSE 1]:
Born again to an empty room
Won’t you find your friends and defend them soon
So say you’re lonely words
That have always stayed unheard

[VERSE 2]:
Break a piece of a young girl’s heart
Will you make it free
Like a work of art
This is what you’d have to show
To all your friends and foes
That your love is the deadliest kind

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